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Ways to Market a Business With a .com Domain Name

Ten Ways to Market a Business With a .com Domain Name

Here are some ways to incorporate your .com domain name

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  • 1

    Email Addresses

    Try creating a custom business email address, like, to connect with customers.

  • 2

    Actionable Videos

    Consider advertising your .com domain name both in the video itself and through links in the description.

  • 3

    Online Directories

    List your business (and your .com domain name) on online directories to help direct customers to your information-rich website.

  • 4

    Social Media Profiles

    Tap into your existing social media followers while attracting visitors to your website by placing your .com domain name in your social media profile.

  • 5

    Marketing Campaigns

    Highlight various pages or products on your website by registering branded .com domain names as promotional web addresses.

  • 6

    Business Profiles on Messaging Apps

    With a strategically placed .com domain name, you can capitalize on their outreach with an easy-to-find link back to your website.


  • 7

    Direct Mail

    Lead customers back to your website by incorporating your .com domain name into your direct mail marketing.

  • 8

    Business Cards

    One of the most useful places to advertise your .com domain name is on your business card.

  • 9

    Product Labels

    Run a local or small operation? Placing your .com domain name on your product labels can introduce your offline customers to your online presence.

  • 10

    Print Advertising

    As more and more customers order online, think about branding takeout menus, promotional items and important business updates with your business’s .com domain name.

Did You Know?

Use your .com domain name as a call-to-action (CTA) at the end of videos, posts, or wherever you place content to help generate more traffic to your website.

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