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Benefits of a Custom Business Email Address

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Looking for a quick and easy way to help develop credibility, create a professional image and market your business at the same time? A custom (otherwise known as branded) business email address (with a .com domain name) can serve as a valuable marketing tool while helping to build your credibility. Here’s how you can benefit from having a custom business email address:

Let’s say you’re in the market for a new dentist and you’re researching options online. You come across two different businesses – both look good at first glance, but which would you want to contact between these two email addresses? or

Chances are, you would prefer the first one.

Even though both businesses could be equally legitimate, a 2019-2020 research survey shows that two-thirds of consumers turn to a business’s branded email address when trying to communicate.1

Let’s dive a little deeper into how your business can benefit from having a custom business email address.


Develop Credibility

Creating a sense of credibility is key to attracting potential customers and developing their perception of your business, so a custom email address is an important business tool. On average, a custom business email is seen as more credible than a generic email address. In a 2019-2020 survey, 85% of respondents agreed that a business using a branded email address is more credible than one using a free email account.1

Build More Trust

Consider pairing your custom business email address with a .com domain name. It’s recognised and trusted by global companies and savvy startups alike. Plus, you may use a .com domain name for your future website or online presence in addition to your custom business email address.

Build Your Professional Image

In addition to developing credibility, a custom email address can show the world your business is established. It can boost your professional image with potential customers who may hesitate to communicate via a generic email address.

Take for example. A generic email address like this one may not appear as legitimate as a custom email address. But when you use a custom email address, your customers may be more apt to engage with you and your business. In fact, in a 2019-2020 survey, 82% of respondents agreed they are more likely to respond to an email from a small business using a branded email address (e.g. than one using a free email account.1

Market Your Whole Business

Once you’ve set up your custom email address, you can typically create multiple addresses for different segments of your business (e.g.,,, This can lead to a more customised experience for potential clients and customers.

Don’t forget about physical branding as well: flyers, business cards and promotional products should also include your custom business email address. This can help your business marketing and brand strategy overall, because every time you send out an email, you’ll be promoting your business instead of a generic email provider.

You’re never too small to start building and defining your professional image, and this is an easy and affordable way to start.

1 Websites, Branded Email Remain Key to SMB Internet Services. Custom Verisign® survey conducted by 451 Research (July 2020).

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